Lodi House is a non-profit agency that was established in 2000 to provide stability, training, accountability and renewal for homeless women and children. (Click each section below to learn more)


is given through providing physical housing as well as consistent expectations and rules, implementing a daily schedule, routines, responsibilities and chores as well as offering regular scheduled meals.


is provided through the Lodi House Enrichment Center in the areas of job searching, resume writing, parenting, professional dress, budgeting, banking, cooking and parenting.


is offered through an assigned case manager, building relationships through onsite staff, and collecting 80% of their income for their savings.  Lodi House remains connected with its graduates and gives on-going support during holidays and on an as needed bases. Graduates are also eligible to apply to live in Lodi House’s transitional housing unit for up to one year.


is made accessible through a fresh start. Lodi House helps women and children establish a new life and new identity as strong, independent and capable people able to overcome adversity.  This is accomplished through our encouraging staff, professional counseling, a clean safe place to stay and free access to needed clothing and supplies from the Lodi House Thrift Store.


Our ultimate goal is to assist women in achieving independence so that they can find a home for themselves and their children. Our hope for each family member is that they will be changed because we touched their lives in a positive way… we gave them hope, a renewed spirit and skills to make it on their own.

– WE ARE –

a non-profit agency that was established to provide shelter for homeless women and children. In addition to shelter, Lodi House provides food, advocacy, counseling and numerous workshops on a wide variety of topics. We serve women and children in our community that have been displaced from their homes who need a second chance.


THE LODI HOUSE  ~  801 S. WASHINGTON ST., LODI, CA 95240 (209) 334-6346  ~  INFO@LODIHOUSE.ORG